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Dolittle is a decentralized, distributed, event-driven microservice platform built to harness the power of events.

This is our C# SDK, install it with:

dotnet add package Dolittle.SDK 

Get Started


dotnet build

Visual Studio

You can open the .sln file in the root of the repository and just build directly.


We have readymade tasks for VSCode. Press F1 and type Run Tasks and select Tasks: Run Tasks to see the tasks. They are folder sensitive and will look for the nearest .csproj file based on the file you have open. If it doesn't find it, it will pick the .sln file instead.


Go to our documentation site and learn more about the project and how to get started. Samples can be found in dolittle-samples. Our entropy projects are in dolittle-entropy.

Issues and Contributing

Issues and contributions are always welcome!

To learn how to contribute, please read our contributing guide.