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A racing game with user input.

The user races the computer and can pick their own car. User speed is based on the number of vowels in the car (more is better, right?). User skill is based on the number of accidents they have been in (less is better).

After user input is gathered, track information is randomly generated and the appropriate background image is chosen. If the track is wet, user skill is halved. This object could be expanded in future versions to have more laps, more turns, different surfaces, etc.

The racers run and laps are completed based on skill and speed. First one to 10 wins. The user is presented with a message in the footer.

Sticky CSS header and footer based on reading several sites and found sort of by happy accident. (references:,, and, but really it's none of those).

Grid CSS format based on this concept of "liquid layouts":

Background image credit: 
wet:, Sheep"R"Us, 
  creative commons by-nc-nd license
dry:, J Jakobson, 
  creative commons by-nc license


Javascript/HTML/CSS racing game!



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