Raspbian based Trueview5725 i2c controller
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Raspbian based Trueview5725 i2c controller

Preliminary scripts for testing new custom settings on Trueview5725 based video processors. GBS8200, GBS8220, and maybe others in the future (HD Box Pro)

============= INSTALL GUIDE

The install script is designed to be used with a fresh vanilla Raspbian install. to install or update run the following command:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dooklink/gbs-control/master/install-gbs-control.sh | bash

or for the development version (not guaranteed to be working)

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dooklink/gbs-control/develop/install-gbs-control.sh | bash

=============== Usage

Raspberry pi will auto boot into the config menu displayed via the Green RCA Luma input on the GBS board from RPi composite output. The Raspberry Pi must be connected to the I2C lines (SDA, SCL and GND), of the target board. Also, the P8 jumper on the GBS82xx boards must be shorted to ensure RPi can be I2C master without interference. Global keyboard hotkeys are preconfigured to switch between the Config Menu and the RGB Video Source. Other tweaks can be make with the keyboard hotkeys.

================ Hotkeys


F1 - Switch to Pi Menu

F2 - Switch to Currently loaded settings

F5 - Quick save settings

F7 - Quick load settings

Grave/Tilde(`/~)+1 - Switch menu to RGBHV 480p (VGA)

Grave/Tilde(`/~)+2 - Switch menu to YPbPr 480p

Grave/Tilde(`/~)+3 - Switch menu to RGBHV 576p (Non-standard)

Grave/Tilde(`/~)+4 - Switch menu to YPbPr 576p

Fine adjustments:

CTRL+1 - Increase vertical scale (if enabled)

CTRL+2 - Decrease vertical scale (if enabled)

CTRL+3 - Decrease horizontal scale

CTRL+4 - Increase horizontal scale

CTRL+5 - Move image up

CTRL+6 - Move image down

CTRL+7 - Move image left

CTRL+8 - Move image right