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dotCMS is an open source headless/hybrid content management system (CMS) that has been designed to manage and deliver personalized, permission-based content experiences across multiple channels. dotCMS can can serve as a headless content hub and also as a platform for sites, mobile apps, mini-sites, portals, intranets. dotCMS is used everywhere, from running small sites to powering multi-node installations for governments, Fortune 100 companies, Universities and Global Brands. Written in java dotCMS environment can scale to support hundreds of editors managing thousands of sites with millions of content objects.

dotCMS is available for download or as a cloud based product.


dotCMS comes in multiple editions and as such is dual licensed. The dotCMS Community Edition is licensed under the GPL 3.0 and is freely available for download, customization and deployment for use within organizations of all stripes. dotCMS Enterprise Editions (EE) adds a number of enterprise features and is available via a supported, indemnified commercial license from dotCMS. For the differences between the editions, see the feature page.


GitHub pull requests are the preferred method to contribute code to dotCMS. Before any pull requests can be accepted, an automated tool will ask you to agree to the dotCMS Contributor's Agreement.


For a complete list of requirements, see this page.

Getting Help

Source Location
Installation Installation
Documentation Documentation
Videos Helpful Videos
Code Examples Codeshare
Forums/Listserv via Google Groups
Twitter @dotCMS
Main Site