Command Line parser for Tomato Firmware NVRAM cfg backups.
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Command line parser for Tomato Firmware NVRAM cfg backups

What it does

Decodes Tomato cfg files into JSON so they can be changed and compared against other backups. Encodes JSON-formatted Tomato cfg key/value pairs into the Tomato cfg format.


nvram-cfg-parser is available from npm, the standard package manager included with nodejs.

Install from npm:

# npm install -g nvram-cfg-parser



nvramcfg decode <filename>

Command example:

$ nvramcfg decode tomato_v128_m943394.cfg

Output example (keys in no particular order):

  "0|31|||word text\n^begins-with.domain.\$\n^$|0|exampl": "|1320|300|31|||word text\n^begins-with.domain.\$\n^$|0|example",
  "wl_mac_deny": "",
  "wl_radius_port": "1812",
  "sb/1/ofdm2gpo": "0x44444444",
  "pptp_client_mru": "1450",
  "https_crt": "",
  "qos_reset": "1",

decode to file

$ nvramcfg decode tomato_v128_m943394.cfg > tomato_v128_m943394.json


nvramcfg encode <format> <filename>

Command example:

$ nvramcfg encode arm tomato_v128_m943394-altered.json > tomato_v128_m943394-altered.cfg

Supported formats are original and arm.

colorized json diff

nvramcfg diff <filename1> <filename2>

Command example:

$ nvramcfg diff tomato_v128_m943394.json tomato_v128_m943394-altered.json

Output example

-  router_name: "TomatoUSB"
+  router_name: "ExampleName"

How it works


The tomato_vxxx_xxxxx.cfg files are gzipped utf-8 text with null characters bounding and separating the key=value pair sets. We unzip the file, strip the header and footer, and read the null-separated key=value pairs.


The tomato_vxxx_xxxxx.cfg files are not gzipped, but are an obfuscated version of the original utf-8-with-null-separators. We read the random value and de-obfuscate back to the original format.

Programmatic usage in JavaScript

Decode and encode are available from the NvramParser class. See comments in src/nvram-parser.iced, src/nvram-arm-parser.iced, for details.


  • How to tell if my router build is ARM format?

    The tomato builds for your router contain ARM in the filename. Example: tomato-RT-AC56U-AT-ARM-2.7-128-AIO-64K.trx


MIT Licensed. Use at your own risk.