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Minimalist static site generator, powered by Node.js


  • Generate HTML pages from EJS and/or Markdown files.
  • The site can have a global layout (the common header, navigation, footer) and some pages may have a specific one.
  • It can read site metadata from a global file and have specific data for individual pages.
  • Allow partials (blocks of reusable interface components)

Getting started


  • Node.js installed (version 8 or above)


You may install it globally with:

npm i -g nanogen

Or run the cli directly with npx (available with npm 5.2 or above):

npx nanogen <command>

Creating a new site

To create a brand new site, navigate to the folder you want your site to be and run:

nanogen init

This will create a initial site structure like this:


To build the site and open it in a browser, run:

npm start

There is already a default layout inside the layouts folder, but you may add more.

Read more about Layouts.

Inside the pages folder is where you put ejs, md or html files that will generate the pages of the final site. Any file name and folder structure used here will be transposed to the resulting site (without the pages part).

Read more about Pages.

Available commands and options

You may run nanogen -h to see the available commands and options:

  Initialize a new site:

    $ nanogen init

  Start the current site:

    $ nanogen start [options]

  Build the current site:

    $ nanogen build [options]

    -c, --config <file-path>  Path to the config file (default: site.config.js)
    -p, --port <port-number>  Port to use for local server (default: 3000)

    -h, --help                Display this help text
    -v, --version             Display Nanogen version


Read the full documentation


  • Douglas Matoso - Initial work - doug2k1

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details