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## Build Prerequisites
* Working [python]( with either json (2.7+) or simplejson installed
-* [Apache Ant]( for XPI builds (optional, not required if you only want to develop AntiContainer)
+* Optionally
## Development
1. Clone the repository
2. See [Setting up an extension development environment](
3. Create an extension proxy file as described in 2.
4. Create/update plugins.json: `cd build; python`
+5. Build an xpi: `build/ ac.xpi`
### Creating/Updating plugins
It is recommended to create and test plugins outside of `plugins/` first. This has the added benefit that changes will take by only closing and opening the Manager window as opposed to restarting the whole browser.
@@ -21,3 +23,11 @@ Currently the documentation about plugins lives at [wiki/Writing plugins](https:
### Adding features or developing fixes
If you'd like to add a new feature or develop a major fix, then please file an issue before.
This will ensure before you do all the work, that the feature or fix is something we're willing to pull later.
+### Protip:
+To forcefully reload the built-in plugins:
+1. Set `nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache` to true
+2. Open the Error/Browser Console
+3. Execute `Components.utils.unload("chrome://dtaac-modules/content/plugins.jsm")`
+4. Re-open the manager window

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