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Note: Vital v2.x is not backwards compatible with v1.x. Some things may break. You may need to do some refactoring.


A minimally invasive CSS framework for modern web applications.

  • Vital is a reverse approach to "everything and the kitchen sink" CSS frameworks.
  • Built with Sass and Slim for readability and maintainability.
  • No ridiculous amounts of classes or nesting. No excessively buried code.
  • Written almost entirely in em values, allowing for easy and consistent scaling.
  • Small:
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Vital CSS 23 KB 6 KB


A couple installation options are available:

Check out our docs for information on installation methods, framework contents, templates, examples and more.


NOTE: The project requires Ruby 2.0+ for building its assets and documentation.

Initial setup:

git clone
cd vital

# If you want to build / work on documentation
cd docs

Compiling assets locally

cd vital
bundle exec rake vital:build

Build the documentation

Vital is built using a simple static generator:

cd vital/docs
bundle exec middleman


Publishing and deployment should be performed by a Doximity member.



Releasing a new version

  • Ensure docs,, are up to date
  • Bump version on lib/vital/version.rb
  • Bump version on package.json#L3
  • bundle exec rake vital:build
  • bundle, commit and push the Gemfile.lock file
  • git add ... all of the updated files
  • git commit -m 'vX.Y.Z'
  • Create a branch, get it approved, merge the branch and checkout master
  • bundle exec rake release to push to RubyGems
  • npm publish to push to NPM
  • Go to and create a new release with the tarball attached
  • In Slack, run doxbot ship vital to deploy documentation site
  • Visit and and ensure it has been updated

Reporting Issues and Suggestions

Please submit GitHub issues for problems with the library. Also, feel free to submit a pull-request with suggested changes.