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- chtype arrays (curs_addchstr, curs_inchstr)
- the point of these routines is that they are more efficient, since you pass in an array of chtypes rather than an array of chars. how can i expose this functionality?
- reading from the screen (curs_instr, curs_inch)
- reading input (curs_getstr)
- attribute support (curs_attr)
- finish up curs_color (color_content, pair_content)
- scrolling support (curs_scroll, setscrreg (curs_outopts))
- window background support (curs_bkgd)
- multiple window support (all fns that start with w, curs_overlay, curs_initscr, curs_window, curs_getyx (par, beg), curs_touch, curs_overlay)
- support the rest of the refresh options (curs_refresh)
- border support (curs_border)
- status line stuff (curs_slk)
- mouse support (curs_mouse)
- terminal attributes (curs_termattrs)
- pad support (curs_pad)
- screen dump support (curs_scr_dump)
- multiple term support
- low level stuff (curs_kernel)
- wide char support? (curs_addwstr, curs_bkgrnd, curs_border_set, etc)
- trace debugging (curs_trace)
- ncurses extensions (curs_extend, define_key, curs_getch (has_key), key_defined, keybound, keyok, resizeterm)
- misc curses utils (curs_util)
not supporting:
- printing
- formatted reads and writes (use string.format/string.match)
- termcap or terminfo stuff
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