Template project for Nordic Semi nRF5x series MCUs using the Nordic NRFX and the ARM CMSIS submodules
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Project template for Nordic Semi nRF5 series MCUs

This repository contains a simple project template for Nordic Semi nRF5x series CPUs.

It depends on:

  • the Nordic Semi nrfx driver submodule
  • the ARM CMSIS submodule
  • included CMSIS Configuration Wizard (copied from the latest nRF5 SDK, upstream seems to be https://sourceforge.net/p/cmsisconfig/activity/)

Cloning this project

As submodules are used, you have to use git clone --recursive or, after cloning, git submodule init && git submodule update.

Using this project as a template

If you want to adapt this template to your (new) project then follow the following steps:

In the Makefile, change:

  • depending on your target platform, optionally CPU, CPUDEFINE and LINKER_SCRIPT
  • optionally more


  • move project.c to the new name of your project
  • optionally pick the correct template headers nrfx_glue.h, nrfx_log.h and nrfx_config.h from nrfx/templates/
  • optionally run make nrfx_config to configure the nordic nrfx submodule.