2. Introduction

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AppMon is an automated framework for monitoring and tampering system API calls of native apps on macOS, iOS and android.

AppMon is my vision is to make become the macOS / iOS / Android equivalent of the this project apimonitor and GreaseMonkey. This should become a useful tool for the mobile penetration testers to validate the security issues report by a source code scanner and by inspecting the APIs in runtime and monitoring the app’s overall activity and focus on things that seem suspicious. You can also use pre-defined user-scripts to modify the app’s functionality/logic in the runtime e.g. spoofing the DeviceID, spoofing the GPS co-ordinates, faking In-App purchases, bypassing TouchID etc.

In the current release, we have the ability to hook both the Apple’s CoreFoundation API’s as well as the Objective-C methods (even if its done in a Swift app via the bridging header).

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