A set of data analysis tools to support the air quality initiatives of Clean Air Brussels / Civic Labs Belgium
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Air quality data

A toolkit to retrieve, analyze and visualize data from a variety of air quality sensors.

The scripts include tools to

  • wrap the APIs of various data providers, including Civic Lab Brussels' InfluencAir project, the luftdaten.info project, madavi.de and irceline.be
  • represent sensors of those different providers as objects with a unified interface to make it easy to interact with them
  • retrieve sensor measurement data through API calls
  • cache those data
  • clean and combine the data
  • describe measurements statistically - individual sensors or groups to compare
  • plot measurement time series
  • find sensors that are geographically close to a point of interest or to other sensors

For usage examples, see the demo.ipynb notebook.


A Python 3.5+ environment is assumed. Several Python packages are required, see requirements.txt. To install them, use Python's pip command or execute install_requirements.sh, with elevated privileges (sudo ./install_requirements.sh) if needed on your system.


The scripts are licensed under the GPLv3.

Data made available by the luftdaten.info project are licensed under the Open Database License.

Data published by the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL/CELINE) are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.