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A game of changing rules played by email. To join the game contact dracoling.
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Welcome to smrshnomic, you have been drafted as a Voter in this 
engaging[1] and highly successful[2] game!

As a Voter, you will have the opportunity to both vote on and propose
changes to the current rules, which are always available at

The Current Rules are published at

Only users on the "Active Players" list will be considered as Players
for the purposes of the game. Inactive Players may become Active
Players by sending a request to the list for reinstatement. Active
Players may become Inactive Players by a request to the Speaker to
change status. This policy may be overwritten by future rules.

For timekeeping purposes this game will use the local time in New 
York, NY, USA as the official time unless specified by a rule.

This game began at 2013-01-26 00:00:00.

This is the first time I'm running or participating in a game like 
this so we'll all get to learn how best to play along the way. If you
have any suggestions, please feel free to send them to me directly 

~ Speaker dracoling

* [1]: I hope you will play, and therefore be engaged.
* [2]: Only you can prevent forest fires... and make this 
       successful... so do it. (Or I set the bear on fire)
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