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Welcome to the sysdig wiki!

On this wiki, you can find information about sysdig, csysdig, and their APIs. If this is your first time hearing about sysdig, we recommend you start with the website.

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Commercial Support
Want a distributed version of sysdig with dashboards and alerts? Check out Sysdig Monitor.

Like what sysdig is doing? We are hiring.

Sysdig Documentation Wiki

Sysdig is a universal system visibility tool with native support for containers:
~$ sysdig

Csysdig is a simple, intuitive, and fully customizable curses UI for sysdig:
~$ csysdig

Tracers let you track and measure spans of execution in a distributed software system

Getting Started


  • About Sysdig - Why we built it and what it can do.
  • About Csysdig - The sysdig UI that will fill all of your command line monitoring needs.
  • About Chisels - Scripting on top of sysdig.
  • About Tracers - Measure spans of execution in your distributed software system.


Sysdig Documentation

Csysdig Documentation

Chisels Documentation



Coding Conventions

Other Resources