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a system exploration and troubleshooting tool
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Welcome to sysdig!

Sysdig is a universal system visibility tool with native support for containers:
~$ sysdig

Csysdig is a simple, intuitive, and fully customizable curses UI for sysdig:
~$ csysdig

Where to start?

If this is your first time hearing about sysdig, we recommend you start with the website.

What does sysdig do and why should I use it?

Sysdig captures system calls and other system level events using a linux kernel facility called tracepoints, providing a rich set of real-time, system-level information.

Sysdig "packetizes" this information, so that you can do things like save it into trace files and easily filter it, a bit like you would do with tcpdump. This makes it very flexible to explore what processes are doing.

Sysdig is also packed with a set of scripts called Chisels that make it easier to extract useful information and do troubleshooting.

Sysdig is designed from the ground up for minimal overhead and is production ready.

Documentation / Support

Visit the wiki for full documentation on sysdig and its APIs.

For support using sysdig, please contact the official mailing list.

Join the Community

  • Contact the official mailing list for support and to talk with other users
  • Follow us on Twitter for the Chisel of the Week
  • This is our blog. There are many like it, but this one is ours.
  • Join our IRC channel #sysdig on Freenode

Sysdig Cloud

Sysdig is proudly supported by Sysdig Cloud.

Like working on sysdig? Sysdig Cloud is hiring.

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