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use scotty framework

create dsl for routes, write once, generate client and server side libs

SURF means _method=SURF (with GET real verb), this will mean send the metadata for this url instead of the whole html rendered

alias pattern methods

post    /posts/:name        GET SURF PUT DELETE
posts   /posts              POST
foobar  /foo/bar/:car/:dar  GET

needs to generate a list of javascript regexps to match on clientside and figure out which route it matches...

also needs to be able to call the route by name w/ arguments to render it for anchors

for example, i can call (in coffeescript):

by key{name: 'bob'}) => '/posts/bob'

positionally'bob') => '/posts/bob'

no args

uri.posts.render() => '/posts'

by key

uri.foobar.render({car: '1', dar: '2'}) => '/foo/bar/1/2'


uri.foobar.render('1','2') => '/foo/bar/1/2'

on haskell serverside in scotty, i just define routes like so (or something like it):

$(defineHandler "foobar") $ \params -> do
  let car = (params `lookup` "car")
      dar = (params `lookup` "dar")
  text (car ++ "," ++ dar)

hopefully compiler will catch non-exhaustive pattern match (or something else) when the user has

not defined handlers for all the routes

will have to delve into TH a little bit to learn how to grab metadata from dsl to create scotty routes

need to create parser for dsl of routes

vagrant box add precise64