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Dream Slider is a image slider jQuery Plugin with interactive visual effects
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DreamSlider, a jQuery treat


DreamSlider is a jQuery image slider plugin with great visual effects.


jQuery DreamSlider Demo

Main Features

  • Single image/Gallery mode to create an image slideshow with thumbnails
  • Small file size,easy to implement.
  • Quick load time due to progressive loading of images, which are beyond viewport using lazyloading technique
  • No additional thumb images required.
  • Hover effects for thumbnails : Zoom-in(default),bounce,standout.
  • Browser support: Chrome v47.0 +,Firefox v42.0 +,IE11+ & many more to come.

How to use dreamSlider?

The code

add the following css style sheet to the <head> of your document.

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/css/dreamSlider.min.css" />

HTML Structure

Add the following js scripts references to the body tag after the images are loaded for optimum performance benefit.

<div class="container">
    <div class="im_wrapper">
        <div ><img data-src="img/1.jpg" alt="" /></div>
        <div ><img data-src="img/2.jpg" alt="" /></div>
        <div ><img data-src="img/3.jpg" alt="" /></div>
        <div ><img data-src="img/4.jpg" alt="" /></div>
        <div ><img data-src="img/5.jpg" alt="" /></div>
        <div ><img data-src="img/6.jpg" alt="" /></div>

<!-- The JavaScript libraries section-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../dist/js/dreamslider.min.js"></script>

Instantiating the awesomeness!

 <script type="text/javascript">
            rowCount:6 //no of thumbs in a row [limit 5 or 6] 
            //,easeEffect: 'bounce'
            //,easeEffect: 'standOut'

Found a Bug ?

If you think you might have found a bug or if you have a feature suggestion, please use github issue tracker. Also try to add a jsfiddle or codepen or plunker that demonstrates your problem.

If you need any help with implementing dreamSlider in your project or if have you any personal support requests, then please use stackoverflow to post a question & tag me to your question using my SO id @dreamweiver or you can even mail me directly to my personal maibox, instead of raising a issue on dreamSlider github page.

If you like dreamSlider then star this repository or if you any feedbacks about this project then do drop me a mail. @dreamweiver


Special thanks to Mary Lou, whose base idea was an inspiration to build "dreamslider.js".

MIT © dreamweiver

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