Stylus plugin for ember-cli
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Use node-stylus to preprocess your ember-cli app's files, with support for sourceMaps and include paths.

This is essentially a fork-search-replace job of ember-cli-sass. Credits go to @aexmachina.


npm install --save-dev ember-cli-stylus


By default this addon will compile app/styles/app.styl into dist/assets/app.css and produce a sourceMap for your delectation.

Or, if you want more control then you can specify options using the stylusOptions config property:

var app = new EmberApp({
  stylusOptions: {...}
  • .inputFile: the input Stylus file, defaults to app.styl
  • .outputFile: the output CSS file, defaults to app.css
  • .includePaths: an array of include paths
  • .sourceMap: controls sourcemap options, defaults to inline: true in development. The sourceMap file will be saved to options.outputFile + '.map'
  • .use: array with stylus plugins, check stylus API


The following example assumes your bower packages are installed into bower_components/.

Install some Stylus:

bower install --save foundation

Specify some include paths in ember-cli-build.js:

var app = new EmberApp({
  stylusOptions: {
    includePaths: [

Import some deps into your app.styl:

@import 'foundation'; /* import everything */
/* or just import the bits you need: @import 'foundation/functions'; */