Simple CLI interface to handle Basecamp (Classic) time tracking
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CLI Basecamp Time Entry

Tired of udpating your hours through the Basecamp site? Well sir, this might help.


  1. New virtual environment mkvirtualenv basecamp
  2. Clone it git clone and enter the directory cd basecamp-cli
  3. Install dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Copy default settings file cp settings.default
  5. Log into Basecamp, click "My Info" and then under Authentication tokens click "Show your tokens". Copy the token under "Token for feed readers or the Basecamp API" and update BASECAMP_API_KEY in


To see a list of available commands and arguments

python --help

Get a list of projects

python projects
#id: Name

Maybe you have an idea of the project name and want to filter the list

python projects | grep Side

Once you found your project id run the following to add a time entry

python time -p 12345 -m "Gettin' work done" -t 1.0

or use -n for project name

python time -n sidestudios -m "Gettin' work done" -t 3.0

or if you want a date other than today

python time -p 12345 -m "Gettin' work done" -t 3.0 -d 2014-01-30


There is no updating a time stamp right now. So if you muck it up, log into Basecamp to fix it.