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@loleg loleg released this 28 Jun 21:43
· 932 commits to main since this release

In this release, we turn our powerful Project model into a Resource using a new setting for Events: "use projects as global toolbox". Any projects that are created here are then recommended at the same stage to future projects, and listed in the new Instructions area. Visit our OpenCollective for the full update:

Path to success

Progress is now set through the stages of a Project with the revamped Post function. Instead of arbitrarily choosing the stage of your project - which administrators are still able to do in the backend - an automatic check validates the fields of a Project relevant for every stage. Then, users are asked to accept a couple of additional self-evaluation criteria, before the project is promoted to the next level. This hopefully makes the experience more gratifying - and the data more relevant. See #251 for background details.

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 07-49-01

As pictured above, the process of evaluation and all the stage details can be easily configured in one file: stages.yaml. This makes dribdat more adaptible to various event and workshop formats.

Commit history

Thanks to deeper integration with the GitHub API, you will automatically see your commit log in the project's Log after Sync. Of course, this will only include commits that overlap with the official Event schedule. This has stimulated various enhancements, such as an infinite timeline of the updates across all projects can now be found in the navigation. See #246


The main event screen and many interface elements around the platform have been reworked. We are still sticking to the concept of a simple-to-deploy web application here, which gives a "purposefully unpolished", simple look that encourages participants to focus on their own hacks. More importantly, we have started bundling default content such as the Code of Conduct and Creative Commons licensing out of the box. See #243


A lot of bugs and performance-related improvements were done in #236 and #233

The API now includes summaries and excerpts of project data. This allows us to make more interesting widgets for embedding in external websites, or improve the search feature. Check out

As part of a rebranding being worked on with @gonzalocasas we have a new website at

The parent organization has been renamed to dribdat

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