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  1. deps Public

    Deps is a command-line tool for staying on top of dependencies. It runs updates, automates pull requests, and keeps your local installations in check.

    Go 12 2

  2. pullapprove Public

    PullApprove is a framework for code review assignment and policies.

    Python 7 2

  3. combine Public

    Building websites like the good old days.

    Python 7 4

  4. p Public

    P is for project. As in, "How the hell do I work on this project."

    Python 10 4

  5. commitstat Public

    A lightweight tool for parsing changes in stats during CI builds (ex. code coverage) and reporting a pass/fail status in GitHub.

    Go 8 1

  6. Add Chart.js visualizations to your Django admin using a mixin class

    Python 22 4




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