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A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.
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Latest commit 2558008 @nickbabcock nickbabcock Merge pull request #1448 from joschi/issue-1447
Improve Support for Optional{Double,Int,Long} in Jersey
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docs Upgrade to Jackson 2.6.5
dropwizard-archetypes Added documentation on how to get started with Dropwizard Archetype
dropwizard-assets Replace Guava Charsets with JDK StandardCharsets
dropwizard-auth Added @PermitAll to the list of checked class-level annotations
dropwizard-benchmarks Upgrade to JMH 1.11.3
dropwizard-bom Replace dropwizard.version to project.version
dropwizard-client Use lambdas and remove redundant type casts
dropwizard-configuration Fix configuration factory test on windows
dropwizard-core Add ValidatedValueUnwrapper implementations for Optional{Double,Int,L…
dropwizard-db Add #getUrl() to PooledDataSourceFactory
dropwizard-example Replaced general WebApplicationException in the protected resource tests
dropwizard-forms Prepare next development iteration
dropwizard-hibernate Minor cleanup after merging #1429
dropwizard-http2 Revert "Upgrade to Jetty ALPN boot 8.1.6.v20151105"
dropwizard-jackson Fix Checkstyle warnings
dropwizard-jdbi Renamed OptionalOffsetTimeArgumentFactory to OptionalOffsetDateTimeAr…
dropwizard-jersey Add MessageBodyWriter implementations for Optional{Double,Int,Long}
dropwizard-jetty Remove SLF4J request logging
dropwizard-lifecycle Fix misleading maxThreads default & misuse log warning
dropwizard-logging Update unit tests to remove compiler warning
dropwizard-metrics-ganglia Fix Checkstyle warnings
dropwizard-metrics-graphite Merge pull request #1319 from joschi/reporter-factories
dropwizard-metrics Use lambdas and remove redundant type casts
dropwizard-migrations Fixed Review Comments : Made DefaultName var private, Made name() public
dropwizard-request-logging Remove RequestLogLayout
dropwizard-servlets Fixing squid:S2259 - Null pointers should not be dereferenced
dropwizard-spdy Remove dropwizard-spdy
dropwizard-testing Expose the ObjectMapper and Environment from the FakeApplication
dropwizard-util Use ImmutableSortedMap instead
dropwizard-validation Add ValidatedValueUnwrapper implementations for Optional{Double,Int,L…
dropwizard-views-freemarker Replace Guava Charsets with JDK StandardCharsets
dropwizard-views-mustache Fix Javadoc in PerClassMustacheResolver
dropwizard-views Use lambdas and remove redundant type casts
.editorconfig Encoding of properties files is ISO-8859-1
.gitattributes Enforce LF line endings on Mustache and Freemarker template files
.gitignore Clean up .gitignore
.travis.yml Use Java 8 as baseline for Dropwizard Skip deployment of tags and non-master branches in Travis CI Adding dev list to
LICENSE Update copyright for 2016.
NOTICE Update copyright for 2016. Update Hibernate links
findbugs-exclude.xml Exclude the code generated by JMH from the FindBugs analysis
maven_deploy_settings.xml Prepare the TravisCI configuration to automatically deploy snapshots …
pom.xml Merge pull request #1415 from ghenkes/logback-access


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Dropwizard is a sneaky way of making fast Java web applications.

It's a little bit of opinionated glue code which bangs together a set of libraries which have historically not sucked:


Want to contribute to Dropwizard?

Before working on the code, if you plan to contribute changes, please read the following CONTRIBUTING document.

Need help or found an issue?

When reporting an issue through the issue tracker on GitHub or sending an email to the Dropwizard User Google Group mailing list, please use the following guidelines:

  • Check existing issues to see if it has been addressed already
  • The version of Dropwizard you are using
  • A short description of the issue you are experiencing and the expected outcome
  • Description of how someone else can reproduce the problem
  • Paste error output or logs in your issue or in a Gist. If pasting them in the GitHub issue, wrap it in three backticks: ``` so that it renders nicely
  • Write a unit test to show the issue!
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