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ADDIS - Aggregate Data Drug Information System

Build Status

ADDIS is a software developed within the Dutch Escher-project for managing and analyzing clinical trial information.

ADDIS comes with two built-in examples:


ADDIS is made in Java, and requires Java 7 (JRE 1.7) or newer. Most modern operating systems ship with a suitable JRE.


1.16.8: Bugfixes for export to ADDIS 2.

1.16.7: Add export to ADDIS 2. Require Java 7.

1.16.6: Bugfix release.

1.16.5: Bugfix release.

1.16.4: JSON export of benefit-risk models; bugfixes.

1.16.3: Bugfix release.

1.16.2: Bugfix release.

1.16.1: Updated to GeMTC 0.14.1 for bugfixes and minor improvements.

1.16: Drug treatments can now be stratified by dose and dosing type with the new 'treatment' functionality. Dose stratifications can be used in network meta-analyses and pairwise meta-analyses. Added hypertension example data set. Allow importing of results from clinicaltrials.gov (experimental). Fixed bugs which could lead to data loss.

1.14.1: Bugfix release.

1.14: Network meta-analysis results can now be saved in the ADDIS data file. In addition, the computations can be reset and there is a new visual progress indicator.

1.12.5: Bugfix release.

1.12.4: The network meta-analysis simulation can be continued if it has not converged yet, and there is a new GUI for checking convergence. The benefit-risk analysis now uses the full covariance information from network meta-analysis. Reduced download from 30MB to 15MB. Bugfixes.

1.12.3: Bugfix release.

1.12.2: Bugfix release.

1.12.1: Input name of analyses in the first step of the wizard, not in a pop-up dialog at the very end.

1.12: Add BRAT table and its value tree to benefit-risk view, allow selection of baseline in benefit-risk analysis, enable BRAT description of benefit-risk analysis, improve performance of network meta-analysis wizard, clarify error dialog with bug reporting instructions, fix many bugs.

1.10.1: Bugfix release

1.10: Enable combination treatment. Add "free text" ('Other') activity. Allow multiple moments of measurement for each outcome. Add installer and double-click loading of .addis data files on Windows.

1.8: Input study design (time structure), allow missing measurements, generate summary of efficacy table according to EMA D80 template, support of primary/secondary endpoints.

1.6.2: Bugfix release

1.6.1: Performance improvements for network meta-analysis, rank probability table.

1.6: User interface improvements, risk-based sampling in MetaBR, new schema-based XML format, added note taking in study wizard.

1.4: Lynd & O'Brien benefit-risk analysis, corrected meta-analysis, network meta-analysis enhancements (assessment of convergence, variance parameters, node-splitting analysis, R-dump of results, memory management), tabbed views.

1.2.1: Bugfix release

1.2: Benefit-risk models based on a single study.

1.0: Welcome screen, limited editing, links to various information systems (PubMed, medicines.org.uk, whocc.no) and many minor improvements.

0.10: Benefit-risk analysis, baseline effect (heuristic) estimation

0.8.1: Faster network meta-analysis (updated library), minor fixes

0.8: Network meta-analysis, XML import/export

0.6: Added add-study-wizard, import from ClinicalTrials.gov

0.4.1: Fixed example data (studies Org 022 and 023), changed domain to be version-specific.

0.4: Added meta-analysis, removed combined studies and MCDA-hookup. Lots of minor changes.

0.2: Initial release.

Building ADDIS from source

All releases as well as a nightly build (see the DrugIS website) are distributed in a compiled format. However, we also provide source for external development / verification. The sources can be checked out of the ADDIS Git repository.

In order to compile ADDIS, you need:

  • Java >= 1.6
  • Maven 2
  • Other dependencies should be downloaded automatically by Maven2

Building is automatic with "mvn package".

Developing ADDIS using Eclipse

First, let Maven configure your workspace for use with Maven:

$ mvn eclipse:configure-workspace -Declipse.workspace=WORKSPACE_DIR

Use Maven to generate the eclipse project:

$ mvn eclipse:eclipse

Then import the project into Eclipse (File -> Import -> Existing projects).


ADDIS is open source, and licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


For contact information, see the ADDIS website.

ADDIS Development Team