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Kubernetes Operator for Apache Druid

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  • druid-operator provisions and manages Apache Druid cluster on kubernetes.
  • druid-operator is designed to provision and manage Apache Druid in distributed mode only.
  • It is built using the kubebuilder.
  • Language used is GoLang.
  • druid-operator is available on
  • Refer to Documentation for getting started.

Supported CR

  • The operator supports CR of type Druid.
  • Druid CR belongs to api Group and version v1alpha1


  • Users may experience HPA issues with druid-operator with release 0.0.5, as described in the issue.
  • The latest release 0.0.6 has fixes for the above issue.
  • The operator has moved from HPA apiVersion autoscaling/v2beta1 to autoscaling/v2beta2 API users will need to update there HPA Specs according v2beta2 api in order to work with the latest druid-operator release.
  • Users may experience pvc deletion issue in release 0.0.6, this issue has been fixed in patch release
  • druid-operator has moved Ingress apiVersion networking/v1beta1 to networking/v1. Users will need to update there Ingress Spec in the druid CR according networking/v1 syntax. In case users are using schema validated CRD, the CRD will also be needed to be updated.


Apache®, Apache Druid, Druid® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries. This project, druid-operator, is not an Apache Software Foundation project.