post encrypted files to usenet.
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rsigh is a Python script (*nix only) for posting passworded and encrypted files to Usenet.

  • TrueCrypt volumes with headers stripped ensure your files are virtually inaccessible.
  • Ability to search and retrieve NZBs from command line - no manual work reqd.
  • Post-process function for easy restoration.



  • Simply download, retaining directory structure (including docs/), and run (-h for help).
  • Config is copied to ~/.config/rsigh/rsigh.cfg if not found.
  • Default storage directory is ~/.rsigh/ - including nzbs, tchs and SQLite databases.


  • newsmangler config should be setup before running.
  • To run without constant requests for root password see: archwiki
  • OSX users require: sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/truecrypt

  • Do not attempt to enter 320 random characters when it asks - this is automated.

  • Although your files are encrypted and passworded, Usenet is a public forum.

  • Do not upload any files you consider to be sensitive or may land you in legal trouble (should they be accessed).