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The DFSDsc module contains DSC resources for configuring Distributed File System Replication and Namespaces.

The DFSDsc module contains the following resources:

Documentation and Examples

For a full list of resources in DFSDsc and examples on their use, check out the DFSDsc wiki.


Windows Management Framework 5.0

Required because the PSDSCRunAsCredential DSC Resource parameter is needed.

Because this resource is configuring information within Active Directory, the PSDSCRunAsCredential property must be used with a credential of a domain user that can work with DFS information. This means that this resource can only work on computers with Windows Management Framework 5.0 or above.

Important Information

DFSR Module

This DSC Resource requires that the DFSN and DFSR PowerShell modules are installed onto any computer this resource will be used on. These modules are installed as part of RSAT tools or RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con Windows Feature in Windows Server. However, this will automatically convert a Server Core installation into one containing the management tools, which may not be ideal because it is no longer strictly a Server Core installation. Because this DSC Resource actually only configures information within the AD, it is only required that this resource is run on a computer that is registered in AD. It doesn't need to be run on one of the File Servers participating in the Distributed File System or Namespace.


DSC Resource for configuring Windows Distributed File System (Replication and Namespaces)



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