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RFD Checker - security CLI tool to test Reflected File Download issues
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RFD Checker

GPL3 Go Report Card

Command line security tool to check whether a given URL is vulnerable to RFD - Reflected File Download. This tool was developed by David Sopas @dsopas and Paulo Silva @pauloasilva_com with the main purpose of validating and automating the search for the RFD web attack vector.


$ rfd-checker -h
RFD Checker (by @dsopas and @pauloasilva_com)

Usage: rfd-checker -target=URL
  -header value
        Request header e.g. "Cookie: SESSID=a16fb"
  -target string
        Target URL
  -h --help
        Prints this help


$ go run rfd-checker.go -target="" -header="User-Agent: RFD-Checker" -header="Cookie: PHPSESSID=123"
Target URL:
Permissive query parameters: callback
Permissive URL:

If you want to test a batch of URLs, exported from Burp, for example, you can place them, one per line, on a text file and run

$ cat inputs.txt | xargs -I url go run ./rfd-checker.go -target=url


$ cat inputs.txt | xargs -I url ./rfd-checker -target=url

RFD checker diagram


$ go build rfd-checker.go


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