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jhertz commented Apr 17, 2020

Hi All,

So I'm trying to use hydra to bruteforce a login on a system that uses custom http headers to receive the username and password. Hydra does not seem to be doing substitution of ^USER^ and ^PASS^ when used as HTTP headers. If I issue issuing a call to hydra like this:

hydra "http-post://\:^USER^:H=password\:^PASS^" -l admin -p admin

I see the following r


大型内网渗透扫描器&Cobalt Strike,Ladon7.2内置94个模块,包含信息收集/存活主机/端口扫描/服务识别/密码爆破/漏洞检测/漏洞利用。漏洞检测含MS17010/SMBGhost/Weblogic/ActiveMQ/Tomcat/Struts2,密码口令爆破(Mysql/Oracle/MSSQL)/FTP/SSH(Linux)/VNC/Windows(IPC/WMI/SMB/Netbios/LDAP/SmbHash/WmiHash/Winrm),远程执行命令(wmiexe/psexec/atexec/sshexec/webshell),降权提权Runas、GetSystem,Poc/Exploit,支持Cobalt Strike 3.X-4.0

  • Updated Jan 16, 2021
  • C#

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