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Django app for queueing up and sending mail. Nothing too special.

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Add smoke tests to test for import errors and other silly things
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Django Mail Queue

Mail Queue provides an easy and simple way to send email. Each email is saved and queued up either in real time or with Celery. As always, feedback, bugs, and suggestions are welcome.

Python 3 Users!

Django 1.7 is only supported on Python 2 at this point. There is an outstanding bug in issue #47. If you use Python 3 with Django 1.7 DO NOT UPGRADE to 2.2.0.


Mail Queue provides an admin interface to view all attempted emails and actions for resending failed messages.


Support/Help/Spam/Hate Mail

If you have questions/problems/suggestions the quickest way to reach me to is simply add a GitHub issue to this project.

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