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# TestFlight Rake utility
# Will Fleming <> 2011
# A collection of rake tasks for an iOS project to make building & deploying
# builds to TestFlight much easier.
# Setup:
# 1. Drop this Rakefile into your project root.
# 2. Ensure you have the httpclient gem installed
# 3. Currently we depend on you versioning your builds using agvtool. Do that.
# 4. Create a file called .rakeenv in the same directory. Add configuration here.
# The following is pretty much the minimum of what you need to put here:
# .rakenv contents:
# set(:app_name, YOUR_APP_NAME)
# set(:environment, 'TestFlight') # you can use other environment tasks later if you prefer, but you need a default
# set(:xcode_configuration, CONFIGURATION_TO_BUILD)
# set(:testflight_team_token, YOUR_TEAM_TOKEN)
# set(:testflight_api_token, YOUR_API_TOKEN)
# set(:testflight_distribution_lists, TESTFLIGHT_DIST_LISTS_TO_SEND_TO) # not strictly required, but emails won't be sent if you don't
# Use:
# `rake release` is all you should really need. Look around if you want more.
# Maybe I'll put some more detail on configuration, options, flow, and potential
# improvements later. But not right now.
require 'fileutils'
require 'rubygems'
require 'httpclient'
# utility functions
def set(key, value)
ENV[key.to_s.upcase] = value
def fetch(key)
if File.exists? ('.rakeenv')
load '.rakeenv'
puts "WARNING: no .rakeenv found. If you didn't set everything in your environment, you will be unhappy."
# Tasks
task :require_environment do
env = fetch(:environment)
if env.nil? || 0 == env.length
# TODO - do more checking here? or delete entirely?
raise"No environment specified. You need to specify an environment")
desc "bump the current release number"
task :bump_version do
puts "=== Bumping the build number"
puts `agvtool bump -all`
build_number = `agvtool vers -terse`.chomp
puts `git commit *-Info.plist */*-Info.plist *.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj -m "Bumping version number to #{build_number}"`
puts `git push`
desc 'Tag and push tag for current release'
task :tag_release => [:require_environment] do
if fetch(:no_tag).nil?
puts "=== Tagging the current build"
env = fetch(:environment)
# tag a specific tag so we can refer to this version
build_number = `agvtool vers -terse`.chomp
date_str ='%Y-%m-%d')
puts `git tag -fam '' #{env}-#{date_str}-build-#{build_number} HEAD`
puts `git push -f origin #{env}-#{date_str}-build-#{build_number}`
# move current -> previous
current = `git show-ref --tags --hash --abbrev #{env}-current`.chomp
if current && current.length > 0
puts `git tag -fam '' #{env}-previous #{env}-current`
puts `git push -f origin refs/tags/#{env}-previous`
# re-tag current
puts `git tag -fam '' #{env}-current HEAD`
puts `git push -f origin refs/tags/#{env}-current`
desc 'Make a best guess at what the release notes for a release should be.'
task :release_notes => [:require_environment] do
#TODO - don't think this goes well if this is your first release (i.e. no -previous tag)
env = fetch(:environment)
previous_tag = "#{env}-previous"
current_tag = "#{env}-current"
log = `git log --pretty="* %s [%an, %h]" #{previous_tag}...#{current_tag}`
file_name = "/tmp/#{fetch(:app_name)}-rake-release-notes-#{`agvtool vers -terse`.chomp}.txt"
FileUtils.rm(file_name, :force => true) if File.exists?(file_name), 'w') { |f| f.write(log) }
set(:release_notes_path, file_name)
unless fetch(:skip_showing_release_notes)
`$EDITOR #{file_name}`
desc 'Compile the .app'
task :compile_app => [:require_environment] do
conf = fetch(:xcode_configuration)
app_name = fetch(:app_name)
puts "=== Compiling the app"
puts "* running xcodebuild..."
xcode_out = `xcodebuild -sdk iphoneos -configuration #{conf}`
if 0 != $?.exitstatus
puts "* ERROR - xcodebuild failed"
puts "* XCode Output:\n\n#{xcode_out}\n\nEND XCode Output\n\n"
raise"xcodebuild failed")
puts "* xcodebuild completed."
desc 'Create a signed .ipa from the .app'
task :sign_ipa => [:require_environment] do
conf = fetch(:xcode_configuration)
app_name = fetch(:app_name)
puts "=== Building the .ipa"
app_path = "build/#{conf}-iphoneos/#{app_name}.app"
ipa_path = "build/#{conf}-iphoneos/#{app_name}.ipa"
if !File.exists?(app_path)
raise"#{app_path} not found. Did you forgot to run compile_app?")
set(:ipa_path, ipa_path)
FileUtils.rm_f(ipa_path) if File.exists?(ipa_path)
puts "* Going to run: `xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v \"#{app_path}\" -o \"#{ipa_path}\" --sign \"Mint Digital\" --embed \"Speedo_AdHoc.mobileprovision\"`" #DEBUG
xcrun_output = `xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v "#{app_path}" -o "#{ipa_path}" --sign "Mint Digital" --embed "Speedo_AdHoc.mobileprovision"`
puts "NB: this command will claim it failed, saying it was 'unable to create' the ipa. Don't worry, everything's fine unless you see errors after this."
# xcrun is expected to fail because it's dumb...but it mostly gets there.
# it just fails on the zip step because it's looking in the wrong place.
# so we figure out the right path from the output and go after it.
pattern = /(\/var\/.*\/Payload\/#{app_name}\.app): explicit requirement satisfied/
match = pattern.match(xcrun_output)
app_bundle_path = match[1]
if !File.exists?(app_bundle_path)
puts "* ERROR: couldn't find the signed .app - thought it was #{app_bundle_path}"
raise"Couldn't sign app bundle")
cwd = FileUtils.pwd"#{app_bundle_path}/../..")
`/usr/bin/zip --symlinks --verbose --recurse-paths "#{cwd}/#{ipa_path}" ./Payload`
if !File.exists?(ipa_path)
puts "* ERROR: the ipa doesn't exist where it should"
raise"Couldn't sign the app bundle")
desc 'Build the project & sign the .ipa'
task :build_release => [:compile_app, :sign_ipa]
desc 'upload an already-built IPA path to testflight'
task :upload_to_testflight do
set(:skip_showing_release_notes, 'true')
puts "=== Posting ipa to testflight"
ipa_path = fetch(:ipa_path)
release_notes_path = fetch(:release_notes_path)
if ipa_path.nil? || !File.exists?(ipa_path)
raise"No .ipa was found! ipa_path is '#{ipa_path}'")
testflight_endpoint = ''
notify_teammates = true
# HTTPClient
release_notes_string =, 'r').read
response =, {
:file =>,
:notes => release_notes_string,
:api_token => fetch(:testflight_api_token),
:team_token => fetch(:testflight_api_token),
:notify => notify_teammates,
:distribution_lists => fetch(:testflight_distribution_lists)
if (response.status != 200)
puts "* ERROR posting file: got a #{response.status} response:"
puts "* SUCCESS:"
puts response.body.content
desc 'Upload a built release to TestFlight'
task :distribute_release => [:build_release, :upload_to_testflight]
desc 'Tag, build, & release.'
task :release => [:bump_version, :tag_release, :distribute_release]
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