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September 2016: The contents of this site have now moved

They are largely documented, implemented, or built into one of the following sites:

— from the old —

Various scripts for less bufferbloated fair queuing, traffic shaping, etc

The principal item of interest in this repository is the src/debloat lua script which incorporates everything I know about how to get reduced latencies under load on wireless and ethernet.

There are also tests and test results in the test dir

All of varying quality. I’ll get better about automating these over time.

Some thank yous

My thanks to everyone in the debloating community for their hard work over the last year to address the bufferbloat issue. That list is far too long:

Tom Herbert: Byte Queue Limits - which takes a big bite out of the bloat and help all the other algorithms work once again…

Eric Dumazet: an unbelievable number of fixes and improvements to RED, ARED, SFB, SFQ, and a genuinely new combination of ideas in REDSFQ.

Jon Corbet of LWN: For writing some of the most informative articles on the problem and keeping the community up to date.

The linux ‘netdev’ mailing list - Notably Dave Miller and Steve Hemminger the linux-wireless mailing list - John Linville

Jim Gettys, Van Jacobson, Kathie Nichols, Vint Cerf, John Nagle, and the huge list of researchers that developed some of the algorithms we’ve played with…

Alcatel-lucent: for supporting jg on his quest…. and : for their kind donations of hardware, rack space, offices, time and energy -

Georgia Tech, Stanford, MIT, and a bunch of folk from various other universities around the world that I’ll have to collect and post….

The 150+ members of the wiki… The 300+ members of the bloat and cerowrt mailing lists… the 25+ standing members of the #bloat irc channel…

Huge contributions from various members of the #openwrt irc channel - notably nbd, jow, travis, junos, swalker….

Bob Cringley

Slashdot and other publications

ESR, Doc Searls, a whole bunch of bloggers credited elsewhere on the wiki (this very long list, I’ll add you to this when I remember)

For more about the bufferbloat problems (of which many, many remain to be solved) see: and -

If I missed anybody, I’m sorry. But a big thank you for joining into brain amplification.


Scripts for doing better and fairer network, traffic control, optimization and shaping






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