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Single page web application using Knockout JS framework.
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Neighbourhood Map – San Francisco

This is a single page application featuring a map of top 10 locations in San Francisco. This app is built for a Neighbourhood map project which is a part of the Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree at Udacity.

Live version can by view at:

Libraries, frameworks and APIs used

  1. Knockout JS Knockout Js can be either downloaded from or can use CDN
  2. Google Maps In order to get map google map functionality google map API is required. Full instruction on google map API can be found at
  3. Foursquare This project also use third party API that is four square. Details about foursquare API can be found at

Basic Instructions

  1. Download the zip to a directory you'll be working in.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Open the index.html in a modern browser.
  4. Click markers or list items to select a location and retrieve info about it.
  5. Type into the filter/search box to filter the shown locations.
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