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JCatascopia Monitoring System


The complete source code of the JCatascopia Monitoring System is open-source and available to the community under the Apache 2.0 licence

Getting Started

JCatascopia MS is comprised of three main components. The JCatascopia-Agents which manage the metric collection process, the JCatascopia-Servers which receive, process and store metrics in the database and finally the JCatascopia-Web interface.

JCatascopia Monitoring Probe Repository is located at the JCatascopia Probe Repository


This version of JCatascopia is compliant for the purposes of the CELAR project. For the standalone version of JCatascopia please refer to

Contact Us

Please contact Demetris Trihinas trihinas{at} for any issue


For any research work in which JCatascopia is used, please cite the following article:

"JCatascopia: Monitoring Elastically Adaptive Applications in the Cloud", D. Trihinas and G. Pallis and M. D. Dikaiakos, "14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing" (CCGRID 2014), Chicago, IL, USA 2014