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MIME types plugin #39

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Hi :)
I'm working on the MIME types plugin as suggested here.
This is my first code submission, please tell me what you guys think, how I can improve, any other ideas etc.
When a DuckDuckGoer searches for "mime type .jpeg", the zero click info box should display "The MIME type for .jpeg extension is image/jpeg". That's what the plugin is supposed to do.
I'm a total beginner so please have mercy. I'd appreciate any help.
Thank You!


Thanks for the submission! I have a couple of initial thoughts: :thought_balloon:

  • You can remove "MIME type" from the titles. I'll add that as a trigger internally.
  • Are there any licensing issues with using that source code?

@rpicard Thank you for looking into my code!
I have removed "MIME type" from the titles
The source code is a standard python library "mimetypes". It should be GPL compatible. :)
What more can I do? :)


Thanks. I think we can reformat the abstract like this:

"The MIME type for this .ots is application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template"
"The MIME type for <code>.ots</code> is <code>application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template</code>"

What do you think?


I have reformatted the abstract like this:

"The MIME type for the extension .ots is application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template"

"The MIME type for the extension <code>.ots</code> is <code>application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template</code>"

Is that good? :)


@rpicard Is the plugin working? Do you have any more tips? :)


It wasn't working, so I had to do a little debugging. It turns out that you just had one too many tabs in the output.txt lines. I fixed that and made one or two other changes and pushed them here:

Here's the current state : :sparkles:

I think it looks pretty good. Do you have any thoughts? I'll pass it along internally to get some more opinions.


Oh jeez! Sorry about the tabs. Should have rechecked that. :grimacing:
I think the external link should point to the Wikipedia page rather than the python code. I think that would make more sense.
I think I'll add this link and commit everything. Is that ok?


@rpicard I've committed the changes you made and changed the external link to Wikipedia. How is it now?
Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it!


@vaishaks That kind of messed things up for me. I already had those commits in my repository. All you needed to do was pull them into yours (with git am or something). Your commit (which includes the changes I've already made) won't apply to my repo.

In any case, I think that linking to the python file where the information is coming from (leaving it as is) is probably best. I'll pass the idea along though.

vaishak added some commits
vaishak removed tab 4bcfaad
vaishak merged 4667a3d

@rpicard I managed to remove my changes and merge your commits to my branch. :sweat: Is this ok?
Left the external link as it is.
I'm new to this. Thanks for being patient with me.


@vaishaks Hey, we're actually liking the idea of linking to Wikipedia. Good idea. :thumbsup:


We're also thinking that we should take out the <code> tags after all.


@rpicard Thanks. I've changed the external link to Wikipedia and took out the code tags too. How does it look now?


Since Wikipedia's page isn't exhaustive, I think we should link here instead. I can make the actual change, but I want to see if you have any objections first.


@rpicard Yeah. I thought of that. Wikipedia seems to be giving only the most commonly used ones. I never really got any usable information out of IANA though. Since Wikipedia has an external link that points to IANA and since it gives easily understandable information, I think we should stick with Wikipedia. But IANA is what we should actually be linking to, since it is the official authority that manages MIME types. I'm confused, what do you think? :confused:


@vaishaks I think you're right. I actually wasn't able to find .mcm on IANA either. We can just stick with Wikipedia.


@rpicard Alright :+1: Any other issues?


:rocket: ...and we have liftoff!

Thanks for submitting the plugin! What Twitter account can we use for attribution?


Wow! Looks good! Thanks @rpicard for helping me with this. :beers:
This is my twitter ->


@vaishaks Thanks, and no problem! This pull request has been merged into the master branch.

@rpicard rpicard closed this
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