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Generates LaTeX code for an IOP publication author list (e.g. for ApJ, AJ, etc.).

I wrote this barebones script to automate the annoyance of IOP's iopart.cls lacking proper \affiliation and \author handling.

iopart.cls requires you to manually "footnote" your author listing, determine the affiliation order by hand, etc. This is a nightmare for a paper with a large number of authors and many institutions, having authors with multiple institutions where some overlap. make-iop-author-list is supposed to automate the process.

The script accepts two plain text files and emits LaTeX source on stdout. The first plain text file (say authors.txt) contains the ordered author list with keywords for each author's institutional affiliations. The second plain text file (say affils.txt) is map of affiliation-keys to their addresses.

authors.txt has the following format: one author per line, each line consists of:

Author's~name~in~LaTeX~with~no~withspace[arbitrary amount of whitespace]comma,delimited,affiliation,keyword,list

affils.txt has the following format: one affiliation per line, each line consists of:

keyword[arbitrary amount of whitespace]Affiliation name and address, as LaTeX code, any characters you want

The directory example/ is just that. This example shows:

  • Where whitespace does and doesn't go
  • Where LaTeX code goes
  • The affiliation list order determined from the author list
  • Multiple affiliations per author keep their order
  • Makefile usage is encouraged and the rule is very simple

I haven't put in any error checking or other niceties. Feel free to fork and send me a pull request if you want to improve the code! :)


Generates LaTeX code for an IOP publication author list




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