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Python script to help you decide what movie to watch.
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What to watch?

I have a whole lot of unwatched movies, and deciding what to watch is not an easy thing to do.

Let's automate!

Scanning all my movies

Currently, It only scans folders for movies, fetches their data from the OMDB API, and saves the json files in a folder. I then use some jq magic to filter out movies. I'll probably code something custom that allows you to better filter out movies.


Copy the sample config file: cp

Add your movie folder paths to the PATHS list in config file.

Run python


  • A Custom Filter Tool
    • Takes in parameters like rating, genre, actors etc.
    • Lists out the best OR top-n matches

Currentl I do stuff like: jq ". | select(.imdb_rating != \"N/A\") | select(.imdb_rating | tonumber >= 8.0) | .title, .imdb_rating" < *.json

  • This can seriously become a movie database 'tagger' like Picard - all it needs is a sleek GUI.

  • Errors can be handled by using searching rather than the top result, it'll require some human intervention though.

  • We might need to get back to the omdb package if we need to add searching etc back.

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