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gosh - a tiny hook server

gosh exists to run shell scripts on demand within a fairly small set of constraints:

  1. The shell scripts must be known ahead of time.
  2. No two scripts may run concurrently.
  3. Any script will be started at least once after any given trigger.


Firstly, gosh runs scripts that are pre-defined in a scripts directory. This directory is specified by the final argument to gosh. e.g.:

gosh /some/directory

Assuming that directory has a script called foo, you can invoke this with the following example command:

curl http://localhost:8888/foo

This will queue an execution and return an HTTP 202. This is pretty much the only status that will ever be returned.

If you request a path that doesn't match a file, you'll get a 202.

If the task is already running, another run will be queued.

If the task is already running and queued, nothing will happen (a new run will start after the current request anyway).