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Tinfoil: Convert your old smartphone in a hardware wallet

Tinfoil lets you convert an old smartphone into a secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Tinfoil lets you keep your private keys in a offline device, and easilly operate with them in a safe way. All communication is done via auditable QR codes.

How to install

  • (Optional) - Do a factory reset of your smartphone
  • Install Tinfoil app
  • Switch on airplane mode

How to transact

You will need an online device (phone or laptop) in addition to your offline smartphone.

Generate a transaction using the online device. You can use the Tinfoil transaction builder
Scan the transaction with your Tinfoil device
Check transaction details and sign the transaction
Scan the signed transaction with the online device, and boardcast to the network.

Planned features

  • BIP32
  • BIP44
  • Import wallets (mnemonic and WIF), restore backups.
  • Litecoin, Ethereum support

Other security tips

  • Keep your wallets paper backups in a safe place. Keep redundant backups. The paper backup encryption is easy to brute-force.
  • Don't charge your Tinfoil device in public USB ports, use a charger you trust, or a power only USB cable.
  • Keep your Tinfoil device safe, the encrypted private keys can theoretically be extracted if you have the device.
  • Switch your Tinfoil device off when you are not using it, and if you can, remove the battery.


Convert your old smartphone in a hardware wallet






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