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dwave-system is a basic API for easily incorporating the D-Wave system as a sampler in the D-Wave Ocean software stack. It includes DWaveSampler, a dimod sampler that accepts and passes system parameters such as system identification and authentication down the stack. It also includes several useful composites---layers of pre- and post-processing---that can be used with DWaveSampler to handle minor-embedding, optimize chain strength, etc.


Installation from PyPI:

pip install dwave-system

Installation from PyPI with drivers:


Prior to v0.3.0, running pip install dwave-system installed a driver dependency called dwave-drivers (previously also called dwave-system-tuning). This dependency has a restricted license and has been made optional as of v0.3.0, but is highly recommended. To view the license details:

from dwave.drivers import __license__

To install with optional dependencies:

pip install dwave-system[drivers] --extra-index-url

Installation from source:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Note that installing from source installs dwave-drivers. To uninstall the proprietary components:

pip uninstall dwave-drivers


Released under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.


See CONTRIBUTING.rst file.