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Documenting my learning experiences with Talon, the speech-to-text system.
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Unofficial Talon Docs

Documenting my learning experiences with Talon, the speech-to-text system. These docs are not authorative or complete, but instead represent an 80/20 view of the API sufficient for getting started making extensions and using the system.


Talon is a next-generation speech-to-text system for coding, commanding, and dictating to a computer. It is currently in open beta and is under active development by creator, Ryan Hileman, as of April 2018.

Talon provides very good recognition and a still-developing set of APIs for extending it and adding custom phrases. Current versions require the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking and macOS at this time. The Talon project also includes support for the Tobii 4C eye tracker, which can allow the replacement of a mouse.

These docs aim to provide a quick documentation experience on the use of various APIs, best practices, and example extensions and operations.



  • Education
  • User Scripts
    • User Script Overview - What User Scripts are and how to obtain them
    • User Script Structure - How to make a new User Script in which all other API calls will be made
    • Rules - Strings defining what spoken phrases can be recognized, with many options
    • Actions - One or more operations performed in response to a successful Rule recognition
  • API
  • Data
    • Alphabet - Saying individual letters
    • Keys List - String representations of all keys for use with API calls
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