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This program allows you to play limit Texas Hold 'Em poker against different bots. It currently features 4 players: 1 human and 3 computers.

I wrote this program as an Independent Study Project at New College of Florida, in January 2009.


The program is written in Java and should run in any environment that has Java Runtime Environment installed.

  • On Windows and Mac, go into the release directory, and double-click the file dwpoker.jar.
  • On Linux, run cd release; java -jar dwpoker.jar.

If the images don't appear, you're running it from the wrong directory.


  • Note that the white [D] indicates the dealer. Other than that, I hope the interface is intuitive.
  • Although the program can handle a variable number of players, it is currently hard-coded to have 4.
  • There's nothing to stop bankrolls from going negative. If this bothers you, please delete the "data/bankrolls.dat" file and it will be recreated.


The files in the images/board directory are originally from KDE 3.5.9, which I suppose puts them under the LGPL.