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This is where we keep, version control and collaborate on improvements to our contracts. Since we created them, they've been used by a few other people.

Most people fork and edit these to suit, but if you find an issue or make an improvement, please do open an issue or submit a pull request, and we'll gladly look at it.


  1. You will need Git, Ruby 2 and Bundler installed.

  2. Clone the repo:

    $ git clone
  3. Run bundle:

    $ cd contracts
    $ bundle

    Kramdown should be installed.

  4. To compile the agreements into HTML:

    $ bundle exec ./compile

You should find some HTML in the build directory. This tool is a bit rough & ready, and we probably won't spend much time improving it, but do raise an issue if it just doens't work at all.


To make your own agreements, or add a new one, create a Markdown file in the agreements directory. To minimise effort, follow the structure of the existing documents:

1. ### A heading

    1. The first item under the heading
    2. The second item under the heading
        1. A sub item
        2. Another sub item
    3. Back to level two
2. ### The next section

The Markdown library we're using is Kramdown, because it has a more feature-rich syntax. There's a quick reference if you need it.


dxw's terms of service and agreements




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