SOAP Router Utility class for Mule CE Edition
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Author: Patryk Bandurski WWW:

Description: SOAP Router designed to work with Community Edition. In order to use this utility your WSDL file and XSD schemas needs to be seperate.


Maven Dependency

First import maven dependency to SOAP Router


Router Configuration

In application xml file add beans secion like below:

   		<spring:bean id="SoapRouterConfiguration" name="SoapRouterConfiguration" class="pl.profitonline.soap.router.SoapRouterConfiguration" scope="singleton">
        	<spring:property name="wsdlFile" value="wsdl/weather.wsdl"/>
            <spring:property name="port" value="GlobalWeatherSoap" />
            <spring:property name="service" value="GlobalWeather"></spring:property>
            <spring:property name="schemaFiles">
        <spring:bean id="SoapRouter" name="SoapRouter" class="pl.profitonline.soap.router.SoapRouter" scope="singleton">
            <spring:constructor-arg index="0" ref="SoapRouterConfiguration"/>

Bean SoapRouterConfiguration is responsible for holding basic SOAP Router configuration. Following properties you need to provide:

  • wsdlFile location of wsdl file
  • port wsdl port name
  • service wsdl service name
  • schemaFiles list of schemas' locations

Bean SoupRouter is responsible for routing incoming soap envelopes to proper private flows implementing logic.

Enable SOAP Routing

To enable SOAP routing place following XML after HTTP listener connector

<component doc:name="SOAP Router>"
    <spring-object bean="SoapRouter"/>

Create private flows for each operation published in WSDL file. Naming convention is as follows:

  • /
  • Operation name
  • /
  • Service name
  • /
  • Port name
  • /api


 <flow name="/GetCitiesByCountry/GlobalWeather/GlobalWeatherSoap/api">

New Features!

  • Route based on operation name (SOAPAction header)
  • Validate incoming messages
  • Validate outgoing messages