Provides a set of methods for performing easy Java tasks. Import one and done.
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Noran Restricted Public License(0.01)
Noran Restricted Public License(0.02)


  1) History

  2) Future plans

  3) Using the tool

  4) License

  5) Credits

This tool originated as a standard deviation calculator. (And as a quick side note, I was using the wrong formula.)
LibMath was originally called MathematicsResourceLibrary, a real pain to type out since it has only static methods. The TextResourceLibrary, the next class in LibSubject,
was added before the renaming. LibVarious came next, as I realized that I had some methods that didn't fall under text or mathematics.
#Future plans
I want to get some more advanced methods in LibVarious. Right now all I have are property accessors and a few odds and ends. Programming structures I find myself using over and over
will be the primary thing added to LibVarious. An executable version (text AND graphical) are planned but haven't even started being implemented. They probably won't be until I run
out of ideas for things to add to all of the classes.
#Using the tool
Just import the code to your project and go. The methods are all static, so you'll have to use the class name rather than instantiating. The files do
not contain a main class, but read #Future plans, because a future update may bring an executable version of these files.
These files are governed by my own custom license, the NRPL 3. The license is attached.
##Links - I used this for reference on some of the geomorty related methods in LibMath - I was clueless about property accessors before I found this page. Huge thanks to whoever wrote it.
Look at EDITORS for a full list.