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  1. RaphaelLayer RaphaelLayer Public

    Raphael overlay for Leaflet maps

    JavaScript 80 25

  2. mongo-statsd-backend mongo-statsd-backend Public

    A backend for StatsD to emit stats to mongodb.

    JavaScript 40 23

  3. node-nominatim node-nominatim Public

    A simple node module to handle nominatim searches

    JavaScript 8 8

  4. statsd-backend statsd-backend Public

    A backend for StatsD to emit stats to another StatsD service

    JavaScript 7 6

  5. dnode-smoothiecharts dnode-smoothiecharts Public

    Smoothie Charts middleware for DNode

    JavaScript 4 1

  6. connect-https connect-https Public

    Forked from senchalabs/connect

    Connect is a middleware layer for Node.js

    JavaScript 1


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