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To start

  • Check project out: git clone
  • Please read in root directory
  • Make sure it builds: set PHANTOM_HOME env var, bring all required tools, make
  • Make sure it runs, see Running

What to do

You can help Phantom in a different ways.

Even reading Wiki and asking questions about Phantom architecture will help to make documentation better.

It is a good idea to

Very good start is to do some code review for the part you want to work on, and, possibly, to write some regression tests for it.

Some possible tasks

All of that is partially done, and needs to be either finished or fixed.

General directions to move

  • drivers: as usual, we need more and more of them. Some drivers exist and have to be tuned/fixed, some need to be written. Disk io, USB, video accelerators are good examples. Non-PC drivers are welcome as well.

  • kernel: lot of stuff is not final or not ideal. See issues tab or contact dz.

  • virtual machine: it is quite obvious how to put libjit in, and it has to be done. There's quite hard refcount cleanup task as well. Full scale offline mark/sweep on disk GC has to be written too.

  • bytecode translator: jvm to phantom bytecode translator is partially made but is not complete. Really need tests there!

  • Dox, including general code comments.

  • PC test setup: we really need regular tests on real hardware.

  • Arm/MIPS ports - QEMU tests, real hardware tests, drivers, debugging, etc.