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FSGAN Official TensorFlow Code

Teaser image

Few-Shot Adaptation of Generative Adversarial Networks
Esther Robb, Vincent Chu, Abhishek Kumar, Jia-Bin Huang


Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have shown remarkable performance in image synthesis tasks, but typically require a large number of training samples to achieve high-quality synthesis. This paper proposes a simple and effective method, Few-Shot GAN (FSGAN), for adapting GANs in few-shot settings (less than 100 images). FSGAN repurposes component analysis techniques and learns to adapt the singular values of the pre-trained weights while freezing the corresponding singular vectors. This provides a highly expressive parameter space for adaptation while constraining changes to the pretrained weights. We validate our method in a challenging few-shot setting of 5-100 images in the target domain. We show that our method has significant visual quality gains compared with existing GAN adaptation methods. We report qualitative and quantitative results showing the effectiveness of our method. We additionally highlight a problem for few-shot synthesis in the standard quantitative metric used by data-efficient image synthesis works.


Our code is build on StyleGAN2 with no additional requirements. You can follow their directions here: StyleGAN2 Requirements.

Preparing datasets

To prepare a dataset from a folder containing images:

python \
create_from_images \
/path/to/target/tfds \
/path/to/source/folder \
--resolution 1024

The flag resolution is used to resize images to a new size, e.g. 1024x1024.

Downloading pretrained checkpoints

Our networks start with pretrained checkpoint pickle from vanilla StyleGAN2 config-f, which can be downloaded from Drive here: StyleGAN2 Checkpoints

To replicate experiments from the paper, you will need the FFHQ and Chuches pretrain checkpoints.

Training networks

Then train FSGAN (our method) using this command:

python \
--config=config-ada-sv-flat \
--data-dir=/path/to/datasets \
--dataset-train=path/to/train \
--dataset-eval=path/to/eval \
--resume-pkl-dir=/path/to/pickles \
--total-kimg=30 \
--metrics=None \

If the pretrain checkpoint --resume-pkl is not given it will be inferred based on training dataset name.

Other values of config correspond to SSGAN config-ss, FreezeD config-fd, and TransferGAN config-f.

Image generation

To generate additional samples from a pretrained model:

python generate-images --network=/path/to/network/pickle --seeds=0-100

Pretrained networks

We provide some pretrained network checkpoints in Drive:

Few-Shot GAN Checkpoints


As a modification of the official StyleGAN2 code, this work inherits the Nvidia Source Code License-NC. To view a copy of this license, visit


If you find this project useful, please cite this work:

  title   = {Few-Shot Adaptation of Generative Adversarial Networks},
  author  = {Robb, Esther and Chu, Wen-Sheng and Kumar, Abhishek and Huang, Jia-Bin},
  journal = {arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.11943},
  year    = {2020}


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