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Hide unwanted minor activities in the sidebar #551

evanp opened this Issue · 8 comments

4 participants


You see your friends' minor activities even if they're from an app you don't like.

Users should be able to hide activities by app. So, say, no Open Farm Game updates.


I'm trying to implement it. Where could I put the user's "apps blacklist" ?


So, here are my thoughts on the subject:

  • There's a property of each activity that is the identity of the generating app. So that'd be something like activity.generator. It's got an ID, so that would be a good thing to filter on.
  • I think there are two ways of implementing this kind of blocking. The first is to prevent the activity from ever getting into the user's inbox. A check in would be a good place to start.
  • The other is to allow the blocked activities to get into the inbox, but filter them out. We already do some filtering around, so that might be a good place to do some filtering by app.
  • Would a stream work for storing the apps blocklist? It might not be necessary. I think just storing an array of IDs would work too.

As for UI, yes, we'll need a Web form like the settings and accoutn

My big concern is that this is a lot of work, and it doesn't seem like the right time to do it. I for one would much rather have a working Android app than filter out people watering onions.

Could we do a quick fix on this and just turn off the watering notifications on OFG? That might turn down the noise a lot?


Oh, sorry for PGPing my reply) What about turning off notifications about planting also?


@pztrn c'mon, man. Really?


It's a proposal and nothing more :) What's the point of this messages - I don't understand at all. Or, at least, make an option in OFG users settings about "not sending".


@pztrn the whole point is to show how social games can work on the pump network.

Most social games have a viral loop; you show people in the network that you're playing the game, and they click the link to see what you're doing. It's supposed to be fun.


wouldn't it be enough for a start to minimize OFG's updates to one per each? like when i'm watering 20+ fields of strawberries, not 20+ updates but only one 'march watered strawberries'?

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