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How do I set up a package source in Visual Studio?, Efficient package management
How to Debug, How to boost your DevExpress Debugging Experience

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eXpandFramework is an independent open-source project and is not affiliated with Developer Express Inc.

eXpandFramework is a FREE extension for DevExpress-XAF and operates within the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

The eXpandFrameowork organization consist of two projects. The main project, this one, which unfortunately lacks detailed documentation, and the Standalone low dependency well tested and well documented DevExpress.XAF repository. The main project acts as a container to the standalone proejct. Eventually all modules of main project will be puzzled from the standalone modules. The framework is transitioning fast from private server to GitHub since Oct 2018, so please bear with us and contribute where you can.

This framework has similar architecture to XAF. We recommend you go through the Getting Started document to get the feeling on how to get the most out of it. Afterwards just installed the modules you want and go through the blogs linked in the list below and feel free to post Issues.


Examples of those modules include (in the two right columns you can see the supported platform):

Module Name Description Windows ASPNET
ExcelImporter Imports Excel, csv files. Y Y Custom badge
WorldCreator Design runtime assemblies Y Y Custom badge
ModelDifference Model management Y Y Custom badge
Dashboard Enables native XAF dashboard collaboration and integrates the Dashboard suite Y Y Custom badge
Email Send emails using business rules from application model without coding (see Y Y Custom badge
WorkFlow Contains workflow related features (Scheduled workflows) Y Y Custom badge
System Support multiple datastore , calculable properties at runtime ,dynamic model creation,control grid options, datacaching, web master detail, view inheritance etc. Y Y Custom badge
JobSheduler Acts as a wrapper for the powerfull Quartz.Net, providing a flexible UI for managing Jobs at runtime Y Y Custom badge
DBMapper Map 14 different types of databases at runtime into worldcreator persistent objects Y Y Custom badge
IO Export & Import object graphs Y Y Custom badge
MapView Google Maps integration for XAF web apps. Blog posts. Y Y Custom badge
FileAttachments Provides support for file system storage as per E965 Y Y Custom badge
Scheduler Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder (Blog posts) Y Y Custom badge
Reports Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N Custom badge
Chart Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N Custom badge
PivotGrid Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N Custom badge
Import Wizard Universal module for importing excel files into any XAF application. Y N Custom badge
AuditTrail Configures XAF Audit Trail module using the Application Modules. (see Declarative data auditing) Y Y Custom badge
StateMachine Enhance XAF's statemachine module in order to control transitions using permissions Y Y Custom badge
Logic Define conditional architecture Y Y Custom badge
ModelArtifact Parameterize model artifacts (Controllers, Actions, Views) Y Y Custom badge
AdditionalViewControlsProvider Decorate your views with custom controls Y Y Custom badge
MasterDetail XtraGrid support for master-detail data presentation using the model. Y N Custom badge
PivotChart Enhance analysis procedures / controls Y Y Custom badge
Security Provides extension methods, authentication providers, login remember me, custom security objects Y Y Custom badge
Wizard Design wizard driven views Y N Custom badge
ViewVariants Create views without the use of model editor Y Y Custom badge
Validation More rules , permission validation, warning/info support, Action contexts etc Y Y Custom badge
ConditionalObjectViews Allows the conditional navigation to your detailviews/listviews-->Merged with ModelArtifact Y Y
EasyTests Custom command and extensions for EasyTest see Y Y Custom badge
TreelistView Enhance hierarchy controls, map XtraTreeList options to model Y Y Custom badge
NCarousel Loads images asynchronously and displays them using a configurable carousel listeditor N Y Custom badge
VSIX Package Enhance Model Editor, Explore Xaf Errors, Drop Database at design time, ProjectConverter invocation



Model Difference

Extends XAF by adding great new features for example:

  • the ability to generate runtime members for your objects
  • creating Application/Role/User models in the database
  • storing your web cookies in the database
  • handling of external application models
  • combine end user modifications with application model
  • support for multiple models at design time




Creates dynamic persistent assemblies. The XAF user interface allows us to create an assembly without writing a single line of code. Advanced users can even use c# scripting and create new code generation templates.



For those who are not familiar with the concept of job scheduling, here is some background information. Also, there is great Quartz tutorial, which provides an excellent introduction.



DBMapper has the same functionality as SqlDbMapper however is based on the powerful XPO . Thus DBMapper module is capable of transforming into WorldCreator persistent classes the following list of databases: Access, Advantage, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Ase, DB2, FireBird, FireBirdSql, SqlServerCe, SqlServer, ODP, Oracle, PersasizeSql, PostgreSql, SQLite, VistaDB



Import Export Module

Provides collaboration between a xaf application and another system by allowing you to create object serialization graphs. The complexity of a graph can be configured using either UI or design time attributes. Changing object keys and choosing serialization strategies are straightforward as seen in this screenshot.


Import Wizard

Windows module for importing excel files into any XAF application.
Import Wizzard Preview


Allows us to place a Win or Web control in any given position in its respective XAF view and control its visibility, text decoration, font, height, width, etc. using conditional model rules.


Apply conditional logic to the artifacts of your model (Controllers, Actions). It means that you can enable,disable,hide,execute etc. at many contexts or combination of them.



Enhance XAF's statemachine module in order to control transitions using permissions.



Using it you can connect your analysis objects with any object and display/position them at any view. A big number of pivot features are also supported . Controlling Pivotgrid options is also available at runtime.



Provides the architecture / engine upon many of eXpand modules have been designed (AdditionalViewControlsProvider, ModeArtifactState, MasterDetail, ConditionalDetailViews) . Very valuable to the developers that want to implement a conditional module.


System modules

The features here are endless . Some interesting features are multiple datastore support, create calculable properties at runtime, dynamic model creation, GridView,GridColumn options…etc.



Allows the conditional navigation to your detailviews / listviews.



End user can design views at runtime.





Blogs:\ (warning/Info)


Enables designing of wizard views using the model editor.




Enable recursive filtering and viewing for your listviews ,map XtraTreeList options to model, support for conditional appearance module.



Web skinable listeditor based on JCarousel. Image loading is asynchronous , multiple editor with different configurations is allowed.






Windows ExcelImporter

Web ExcelImporter



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