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eXpandFramework debugging for each of the distribution channel. (see also Efficient package management)

In you Visual Studio IDE go to Tools\Options\Debugging\ and Enable source server support

From the sources

If you download the sources you need to run the go.ps1 file located in the root folder. The batch will generate the symbol files (pdb) and will register the assemblies in the GAC. Debugging is enabled by default since symbols and sources are in place.

From the Nuget packages

eXpandFramework is distributed through Nuget and since version and with the excellent XpandPosh project provides frictionless debug experience as long as Symbol Server support is enabled under your VS/Options/Debugging settings. The symbols are in the same nuget package with the dll so expect the package size to be at least double in size. We will consider a better implementation if there are requests. GitHubLink patches the symbols so to request the assembly sources from the online GitHub repo so there is not need to have the sources in place.

The Binaries / The Installer

Either way you choose you will end up with a folder containing the eXpandFramework assemblies + the patched symbols. So, debugging is enabled by default and sources will be queried from the online GitHub repo as long as Symbol Server support is enabled under your VS/Options/Debugging settings PS: In the installer case you can also find the sources under the Sources folder in your installation directory.


With debugger attached open your Debug/Windows/Modules list and inspect the messages for each module. Also make sure you been through the KA18843

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